Redefining Record Management

RecordsMine is a complete record management system developed by Sunrise Systems to successfully tackle the challenges faced by the local government agencies. It was primarily developed as an end-to-end management system for state government agencies, but is being used by private firms as well. It conforms to the required transparency and compliance regulations by the government and facilitates management of records from HR, payroll, finance, property records, tax assessment, court records, etc.

The RecordsMine system comprises of four different modules, each addressing the unique records management needs. These modules include:

  • Records retention policies

    • Records disposition approval workflow
    • Security and privacy
  • Records Inventory Module

    • Physical records inventory management
    • Storage center/Shelf pool management
    • Records circulation and chain of custody
  • Electronic Document Management Module

    • Document imaging and scanning
    • Electronic content repository with version control
    • Public information access manager
  • E-discovery Module

    • Records search and retrieval
    • Records download, packaging and archiving


  • Easy integration with existing systems
  • Simple implementation along with modular infrastructure for specific needs
  • Records compliance module, records inventory module, electronic document management module, and e-discovery module
  • Centralized platform for multiple entities
  • Standards-based secure system
  • SaaS or on premise installation available
  • Compatible with Artemis designed by Sunrise Systems

Case Study

Record documents efficiently with speed and accuracy

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