Enabling public health departments to serve the community efficiently through technology

The Public Health Portal was developed by Sunrise Systems in collaboration with the New Jersey Department of Health, the purpose of which is to seamlessly connect residents of the state to the public health system. It is a centrally hosted and shared service portal which facilitates the community to reach out to the public health departments whenever the need arises, with the use of technology. We streamlined the process for scheduling appointments to searching for clinics. The Health Department was able to manage and update vaccine administration records with the State-wide Immunisation Registry through the portal, thus increasing efficiency and accuracy of records.


  • Individuals can search for clinics and schedule appointments online
  • Update vaccine administration records
  • Professional resource planning for nursing and staff
  • School surveillance reporting enabled
  • Reporting on communicable diseases integrated
  • Case management of environmental records
  • Notification of vaccines for residents of the state
  • Accurate and timely immunization without duplication

Case Study

Whatever the workload, manage the electronic recording of land records efficiently

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