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The Open Public Records Act (OPRA) went into effect in the State of New Jersey in 2001. Since that time, state and local governments have been committed to providing public citizens access to all records deemed "permanent and public." Local County and City Councils conduct meetings every two weeks to discuss and approve various resolutions.

The Opportunity

Local government councils were in the practice of documenting their bi-weekly meetings on paper. This and other paper-flow processes from all other departments ending up at the Clerk of the Board's office. This office would begin a 7-day process creating the agenda, conducting the meeting, capturing all minutes and votes, etc. The paperwork between offices created redundancies and reduced collaboration between departments. It became evident that the entire process needed to be streamlined and managed more efficiently.

The Sunrise Business Solution

Sunrise Systems is a leading provider of technology, services and complete IT solutions for state and local governments.

We recognized the opportunity to create a Records Management solution that could create more efficient and productive meetings. We developed a web-enabled system called "Meeting Manager", a comprehensive system allowing users to manage all the requirements for council meetings including the agenda, minutes, and votes. Once implemented, it eased the load on the Clerk of the Board office and other local government council members. All the processes that being handled manually were now being were processed electronically.

The system provides records at every stage of the meeting process, thereby improving records, staff productivity, and cost-effectiveness. What was once a 7-day life cycle; was reduced to just one day. The Meeting Manager system also helps government entities comply with transparency and OPRA requirements.

Since 1990, we have been providing the states of New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania with records management, public facing interfaces, cloud technology solutions, and custom application development.

The Results

The Freeholder Board Meeting manager solution has been in use in 5-6 local government agencies since 2010.

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