For the past 20 years, Sunrise Systems has partnered with many segments of the energy industry including; Oil and Gas, Water and Waste Management, Renewable Energy, and Utilities. Sunrise has played a significant role within the industry working closely with its' leaders to respond efficiently to the constant challenges of this industry.

With more than two decades of experience serving hundreds of companies in the energy and utility industry, we have been able to refine our service delivery methodologies, services, and solutions so that expectations and requirements are not only met-but also exceeded.


Our staffing solutions provide the niche professionals required by this industry on a contingent, permanent, project-basis, and direct-hire basis.

Our IT professionals provide customized solutions to the unique challenges faced by the energy and utility industry. We offer IT consulting services on a managed, project-based, or outsourced model.

All our services and solutions are customized to the specific requirements of this industry. We follow industry best practices to deliver cost-effective solutions combined with our unique experience and expertise in this area. Our decentralized data centers ensure that our clients get the support they need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


We have more than two decades of experience work ing with more than 500 companies in the energy & utility industry. Our customized solutions help meet specific requirements in human resources, projects, or functions. Our focus on quality is unwavering with dedicated project management teams that oversee every aspect of each project, whether it is managed, outsourced, or project-based.

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