Since 1990, Sunrise Systems has been a proud and trusted provider of IT solutions and services to both state and local governments in the United States; specifically providing end-to-end records management, cloud technology solutions, public facing interfaces, and custom application development for New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York.


We specialize in providing a suite of cloud-based solutions that help governments efficiently streamline, manage, and organize state and local functions and services. Each service designed is built on a shared infrastructure utilizing sub-modules within the platform that could be deployed individually and upgraded as necessary to the full suite. This methodology has the distinct advantage of allowing for modular deployments based on specific requirements and budgets.

Sunrise Systems also provide Records Management Solutions, both on premise and cloud-based, for end-to-end records management, including document imaging, scanning, e-discovery, public facing records portals, electronics records management, and storage center management.

Our unique, cloud-based Licensing and Permit Management solution streamlines licensing and permits for counties and municipalities by reducing paperwork and can generate revenue quicker. Our solutions assist governments to manage these revenue-generating services with a minimal upfront cost for the IT solutions under a revenue share model.

Our Government Sector Technology Services include:

  • Cloud solutions for constituents
  • Public facing information portals
  • Cloud solutions for government employees
  • Streamlined management
  • Cloud solutions for compliance
  • Easier compliance management
  • Cloud solutions for records management
  • Eliminate paper and process
  • Government application development
  • Integration with existing application processes
  • Technology migration
  • Migration from local to cloud services
  • Muni-ERP modular services integration


Our Government Solutions meet the requirements of state and local government agencies while being flexible, scalable, and compliant with various regulatory bodies. Two and a half decades of experience helps us provide truly low-cost and low-overhead solutions for governments that help them serve the public better. We also provide benefits that include:

  • Cost effective pricing that helps local jurisdictions keep pace with varying government budgets while maintaining efficiency
  • Subscription based pricing that eliminates upfront capital expenses
  • Internal infrastructure expertise or management is not required
  • Easy migration paths and quick startup
  • Public facing portals are streamlined to be easy to use for constituents
  • Reduction in paperwork and timely generation of revenue through online renewal of licenses and permits

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