Sunrise Systems has been in close partnerships with leading organizations in a variety of business verticals, ranging from banking & finance, e-government, pharmaceutical & biotechnology, engineering, energy & utilities, and retail. We provide staffing services, IT solutions, and IT consultancy to help businesses achieve their business objectives effectively and effortlessly.


Our dedicated recruitment and sourcing teams find the right professionals for a variety of different job profiles across these industry verticals. Our wide global network and database ensures that we find the right fit for the right company in any part of the world. We have scalable models that quickly adapt to increasing demands along with dedicated account managers for large accounts. We meet staffing requirements on a contingent, permanent, project, or direct-hire basis.

Our IT solutions and consultancy services provide customized and niche-specific solutions to technology related challenges that each industry faces. Whether it is cloud-based or on-premise IT solutions, our IT experts help you achieve your business goals through managed, project-based or outsourced models that are tailor-made for your unique requirements. Our geographically distributed data centers and systems ensure that our IT experts are there for support 24x7.


Sunrise Systems derives its experience and expertise from having worked with Fortune 500 companies and government agencies for more than two decades. We understand each business in-depth. We provide low-cost and low-overhead solutions that are in compliance with different industry regulations. The combination of our industry expertise, customized solutions, and quality-focused service delivery ensures that we deliver the right solution at the right time to help businesses achieve excellence and maintain it consistently.

  • Banking & Finance

    We support the financial services industry to achieve and maintain a sustainable and profitable business through our dedicated recruitment services and IT solutions.

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  • E-Government

    Helping state and local governments maximize their technology investments to provide more efficient services to the public through our state-of-the-art IT solutions.

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  • Pharma & Biotech

    We partner with cutting-edge pharma & biotech companies to improve global healthcare through our comprehensive staffing and IT services.

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  • Engineering

    We provide dedicated recruitment teams as well as customized IT solutions and services to a wide range of engineering verticals, ensuring the continued growth and success of the engineering industry.

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  • Energy & Utilities

    We provide staffing services and tailor-made IT solutions/services to clients in the oil & gas, water/waste management, renewable energy, and utility industries that help optimize their value chain and meet evolving industry challenges.

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  • Retail

    Our world-class resources in IT infrastructure, IT consultancy, and recruitment provide the retail industry with customized and effective solutions that help meet global demands.

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Why Sunrise?

Highly specialized IT professionals and consultants who work onsite and offshore to provide the solutions and services that are the right fit for your business.


Decisions that drive business growth are easier to make if you have data analytics that work.