A simplified and standardized system of managing, updating, and integrating records across multiple agencies at the state and local levels.

The management of physical and electronic records is a challenging task for government agencies and private organizations. Regulatory and compliance requirements make it mandatory to have these organized in a transparent manner and accessible to the general public. Sunrise Systems designed Artemis or Records Retention and Disposition Management System as a one-stop solution for managing and updating records across both local and state levels. With increased security and streamlined workflow, Artemis has resulted in government agencies becoming more cost efficient and productive.

Artemis, developed by Sunrise Systems, has been used by the state of New Jersey to integrate and update records management and records disposition workflow over 20 counties and 500 municipalities.

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  • Greater security of data
  • Streamlined workflow of dispositions and records
  • Reduction in paper flow
  • Online review and approval leading to faster completion
  • End-to-end management from creation and submission with electronic signatures for disposition requests
  • Easier referencing of specific legislations/statutes
  • Efficient authoring, editing, and publishing of record retention policies

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