With the advancement in Information Technology, data has taken new shapes in different formats across disparate systems. These advancements can be challenging for decision makers to extract the valuable information out of the ocean of "Big Data".

At Sunrise Systems, we have been experts in advanced analytics for over two decades. Our richly experienced team of professionals help your business take the leap from basic reporting to predictive analytics. They are adept in handling consumer industries like Banking, CPG, Retail, Telecom, Energy and Media.

Our vision is to leverage the best of expertise in different domains along with professional analytics in an affordable way. We provide industry-specific analytics backed by sound business sense. We believe in establishing strategic, long-term relationships with our clients; striving not only to solve business challenges, but also assisting in pursuing diverse opportunities, driving growth, and enabling smarter and more efficient decision making.

Following a five-step methodology, we ensure accurate, meaningful data analytics are realized; all while providing our clients a flexible, scalable, fully integrated solution. We offer data analytics through a variety of models including; retainer, project and consulting/advisory models.


  • Advanced Data Sciences Laboratory with Proof of Concepts
  • Global delivery systems ensure quick turnaround times and cost effective solutions.
  • Onshore and offshore consulting services
  • Dedicated project leads and customized project management
  • Adoption of industry standard policies and procedures
  • Systematic and historical data processing customized for each client for in-depth understanding
  • Stochastic and algorithmic tools used to extract patterns, correlations, and segments.
  • State of the art visualization methods to understand insights.
  • Predictive models are validated using validation techniques and monitored against new data
  • Customized decision modeling
  • Onsite and remote monitoring and re-modeling support

Sunrise Advantage

We provide data analytics across industry verticals spanning hospitality, banking, insurance, finance, pharmaceutical and biotech. We follow a meticulous project management approach that ensures flexibility with timely delivery. Our technical expertise ranges from data capture to data management, database design to IT programming and Business Intelligence tools such as reporting and analytics.


We provide industry-specific analytics backed by sound business sense. Our professionals don't just interpret data; they also provide an effective business direction for it based on their extensive consumer marketing and sales experience. Our data analytics services add value to a broad range of businesses under financial services, pharmaceutical/life sciences, CPG/retail, telecom, and e-commerce.

  • Financial Services

    Sunrise analytics services provide comprehensive enterprise risk management programs that help businesses reduce financial losses, manage risks, and ensure safety across all financial transactions.

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  • Pharma/Life Sciences

    Sunrise analytics services provide the healthcare industry with sales and marketing analytics that help drive better business decisions and increase business revenue across all operations.

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  • CPG/Retail

    Our analytics services help clients take the guesswork out of merchandising by aligning business decisions with customer expectations based on hard data, resulting in guaranteed profits across the board.

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  • Telecom

    Our telecom-specific analytics solutions help clients ensure the highest service levels by responding to customer data quickly and efficiently.

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  • E-commerce

    Sunrise Systems provides highly focused analytics solutions to the e-commerce industry that help them leverage online and offline data in real time to respond quicker and better to customer activity.

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Sunrise Systems offers data analytics services that provide a detailed roadmap for businesses based on strategic data analysis, data visualization, and solution accelerators. Our real-time analytics offer a competitive advantage and financial advantage that are hard to beat.

  • Big Data Analytics

    Sunrise Systems facilitates an in-depth understanding of complex and massive amounts of data to transform business problems into actionable business insights.

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  • Marketing/Sales Analytics

    Our analytics services assist companies in creating and customizing marketing campaigns based on individual consumer preferences, thereby increasing profits and maximizing ROI profits by attracting and retaining customers.

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  • Business Intelligence

    We provide end-to-end analytics solutions that customize, integrate, and embed BI solutions into a range of business models and industry types.

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  • Digital Analytics

    We help our clients make core transformations in marketing strategy and operations to empower their digital outlook.

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