There is no doubt that "Big Data" is now big business, continually growing by leaps and bounds. Companies can successfully navigate through this enormity of data; by leveraging their partnerships with experienced Data Analysts.

At Sunrise Systems, we have more than two decades experience mapping and analyzing such data; resulting in our ability to provide businesses with meaningful insights irrespective of the size, complexity, and scope of an enterprise structure.

The Sunrise Strategy

Our strategy is based on a comprehensive evaluation of the big data quadrant for each client. We seek to drive business value through leveraging big data solutions that are based on specific requirements.

We offer the following services through our Enterprise Information Management practice:

  • Big data strategy and roadmap definition
  • Technology evaluation and piloting
  • Data visualization and analytics
  • Idea to Implementation
  • Big data lab on demand
  • Solution accelerators

Here's how businesses benefit from our services:

  • Real-time analytics that provides an unparalleled competitive advantage
  • Lowered IT operational costs lead to a financial advantage
  • Discovery and exploration of new business avenues which were previously overlooked

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